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Banno Features

Take a closer look at our products.

Mobile and Online


Core Integration

Connected to Jack Henry Banking® and Symitar® cores for lightning fast data retrieval.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

The latest in web standards for providing top-notch JavaScript applications that work across a breadth of devices.
Banno Online only

Native Apps for iOS and Android

Truly native apps providing a superior experience on phones and tablets. Minimum versions are iOS 12 and Android 11 (API level 30).
Banno Mobile only

Customizable Dashboard

Easy to organize cards allow you to decide how to sort your most important information.


Two-Factor Authentication

Help protect your account from unauthorized access by requiring an additional sign-in code.


Account holders can quickly and securely self-serve to get digital access to their accounts. Add age restrictions to prevent young users from enrolling.

Biometric or 4-Digit Access

Use fingerprint authentication, FaceID, or a 4-digit passcode to quickly, securely access the app.

Forgotten Username and Password

Sometimes users forget their username or password. Self-service account recovery gets them back in safely.

Switch Users

Easily switch between signed in profiles and get full access to all mobile features for each of your accounts.
Banno Mobile only


View Balances

Balance and summary information for DDA/share, credit and loan accounts.

Extended Account Information

Review and understand more about your accounts with additional details.

Statements, Documents, and Notices

Provide access to statements, tax documents, notices, and other documents from ESI, 4|Sight, and InfoImage.

Hide / Show Accounts

Hide or show your accounts from within your settings.

Set Account Nickname

Personalize your accounts by giving them unique names.

Order Accounts

Customize the order in which your accounts display.

Show Closed and Paid Off Accounts

Understand at a glance your accounts’ standing.

Account Opening SSOs

Integrations with Meridian Link and SymApp provide ways for users to open new accounts.

Stop Checks

Stop pending checks from being cashed or deposited.
Banno Online only


Tag Transactions

Tag your transactions to make organizing and searching for them easier.

Attach Images of Receipts

Easily track your expenses and provide images for your record keeping.

Add Notes to Transactions

Provide more context to your transactions with custom notes.

View Check Images

View the deposited check image within the app.

Search for Transactions

Dynamic search that filters transactions as the user types.

Export Transactions

Export transaction data for a range of dates in a variety of formats.
Banno Online only

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Deposit a Check

Through integrations with EPS Remote Deposit Anywhere, Vertifi, Bluepoint or Digiliti Money, users can deposit checks from their device.

Account Enrollment

Account holders can quickly and securely self-serve to get digital access to their accounts.

View Check Images

View check images in Online, iOS and Android from in-branch, ATM or RDC deposits.


Enroll in Bill Pay

Enroll in Bill Pay with both Banno Mobile and Banno Online. All eligible accounts will be enrolled when a user accesses any of the bill pay features.

Pay a Business

Through our integration with iPay, users can add the bills they want to pay and send funds. Users can also schedule recurring payments and send overnight or second-day payments.

Schedule Recurring Payments

Creation of recurring payments for bill pay and editing of full payment series.

Pay a Person

Send and receive money through iPay, P2P, or Zelle® with friends and family.

Payment Rush Options

Send an overnight or second-day payment via electronic or check.

Add, Edit, and Delete Payees

Ability to add, edit, or delete people that you send money to most frequently.

Credit Card Payments

Make payments to your JHA Full Service Credit Cards using your checking or savings account.

Skip Payment

Skip a payment on elgible loans at your local credit union.


Internal Transfers

Initiate one-time, future-dated or repeating transfers.

External Transfers

Set up external transfer accounts with micro-deposit verification. Inbound and outbound transfers can be one-time, future-dated or repeating.

Member-to-Member Transfers

Transfer funds to another member of the credit union.

Micro-Deposit Verification

Verify authentic accounts with small deposit transfers.


Approve ACH

Easily manage your business payments by reviewing and approving your ACH transfers.

Cash Management SSO

Provides access to JHA Cash Management features without additional logins.
Banno Online only

Approve Wires

Manage, view and approve wire transfers.

Card Controls

Card On / Off

Temporarily freeze your credit card.

Advanced Card Controls

Through our JHA MyCardRules integration you can help prevent fraud, control your spending limits, and be alerted to all or specific types of transactions.


Securely activate your credit card online.

Report Lost / Stolen

Quickly report a lost or stolen card.

Re-Order Card

Re-order your card to replace an existing card.

Travel Protection

Tell us when you’re traveling with your cards to help make sure your time away from home is stress-free.

Self-Service Settings

User Photo

You can ‘see’ your users on the digital channel.

Change Address

Self-service editing of mailing address.

Change Username

Allowing users to change their online sign-in credentials with a more personalized username.

Change Email and Phone

Self-service editing of email and phone changes that will update the core.

Change Password

Allow users to update their password to keep their accounts secure.

User Preferred Name

Allow user to set a preferred name during enrollment and first time login, as well as, editing of the preferred name during a profile edit.


Start a Conversation

Designed to feel like the messaging app you use every day. Chat securely with your bank’s support team to get the answers you need.

Attach Accounts, Transactions, Files and Photos

Attach accounts, transactions, files or photos to provide more context to your support sessions.

After Hours Message

Set an after hours message to appear when you are unavailable. This helps your users know when they can expect a response and you can provide other opportunities for self-service/help.

Attach a Form

Save your users a trip to your branch. Now your support staff can attach and send a fully authenticated form (i.e. change of address) with just a couple of clicks – and it’s just as easy for the customer to fill out and send right back!

Branded Email Notifications

Receive email notification for new and unread support conversations.

View Hours of Operation

See when your FI is available to help.

Banno PowerOn Library

Skip Payment

Skip a payment on eligible loans at your local credit union.

Open a Subshare

Let your members open a share whenever it's convenient for them. At the time of opening, members can easily add share holders and fund the new share via transfer or check. Share types include (but are not limited to): Certificate of Deposit, Checking, Club, Savings, Money Market

Estimate Loan Payoff

View how much the loan payoff will be on a specific date with interest and fees included.

CD Renew

Make CD management more convenient by letting members see and act on renewal options for eligible certificates and make transfers at maturity.

Overdraft Opt In/Out

Help members out when they’re short on funds. Members can—for an overdraft fee—use their debit card to make ATM withdrawals or transactions, even if they don’t have funds available in the moment.


High or Low Balance

Allow your users to set custom notifications for account balance thresholds to be delivered via text, email, or in-app push.

Large Transaction

Allow your users to set custom notifications for debit and credit transactions on their accounts to be delivered via text, email, and in-app push.

Contact Information

Contact and Support Information

Provide your phone number and address for when it’s needed.

Branch and ATM Locations

With our interactive maps, you can make sure your users can find where you are and where they can access their money from your ATMs.
Banno Mobile only



Search by Name, Email, Username and NetTeller® ID

Quickly find who you’re searching for in multiple ways.

Audit Log of Changes

View a historical audit trail of all actions on a user’s account from authentication and password changes, to money movement and other high risk action, and more.

User Profile Information from Customer Information File (CIF)

Pull in customer information directly from the CIF.

Manage Feature Permissions

Configure feature-level ability permissions on a per-user basis.

Recent Transactions

View the customer’s recent transactions to help troubleshoot potential issues.

Approve Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Accounts

Manage which accounts allow RDC.

Account Details

View the same accounts transactions, and all other account-related information the user sees.

View Notifications

View the user’s recent messages and alert notifications to see communications they have recently received.

Unlock User

Reset your user accounts through Banno People’s back office and easily allow them access to their account.

Remove Profile Photo

Easily remove user profile photos that are legally noncompliant, as well as remove any unacceptable imagery.


Send a Message to All Users

Send messages to keep your customers up to date with your institution’s news.

Schedule and Expire Messages

Create timely messaging for all users with the ability to schedule, expire, and send as an in-app push notification.


View Account Status From the Core

Detect a user that is locked out, needs their password reset, or is dormant..

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Verify a user’s 2FA phone number, enrollment setting, and reset their 2FA.

Verify a User

Send users a one-time text or email to have them verify their identity.

Device List

View every device a user has logged in from and even remove some or all devices. This is a great way to check outdated browser or app user issues.

Password Reset

Send users a one-time text or email with a magic link to set a new password. No temporary passwords here, the user will choose a new password and two-factor authentication (2FA) into their account.


Manage External Transfers

Manage external transfer settings at the institution level—affecting all users.

Manage Regulation D Message for Transfers

Manage your Regulation D message settings at the institution level, affecting all users.

Manage Internal Transfers

Manage internal transfer settings at the institution level, affecting all users.

Configure Dashboard

Set the default order of the cards on the user’s dashboard, and add custom plugin cards.

Manage Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Manage all RDC-related settings at the institution level, affecting all users.

External Applications

Generate API keys, manage single sign-on integrations, and configure plugin cards to enable 3rd party functionality.



Secure, Asynchronous, Personal Chat

Allowing users to have a secure conversation with their financial institution, exchanging messages and documents.

Saved Replies

Utilize a custom saved reply or template to answer some of your more common questions.

View User Profile

View user photos provides an opportunity for a more personal support conversation.

Attach Accounts, Transactions, Files and Photos

Attach accounts, transactions, files or photos to provide more context to your support sessions.

Email Notifications

Receive email notification for new and unread support conversations.

Support Initiated Conversations

Quickly start a conversation from user profiles, sending them the most important messages in a secure platform.

Assign to User

Assign a specific conversation to someone else within your support staff.

Conversation Status (New, Open, Pending, Closed)

Understand and automatically update the status’ based on what action is needed by whom.

Case Routing and Tagging

Create and attach tags to cases for improved case management and reporting.

Attach a Form

Attach and send a fully authenticated form (i.e. change of address) from your support staff to your users through Conversations.


Set Hours of Operation

Quickly update your hours of operation so the customer knows your availability within the conversation.

Holiday Hours

Update your holiday hours so the customer knows the best time to contact you.



CSV Export

Export a CSV list of user information for each report type.

Freeform Date Range Selection

Allows the flexibility to select from your own date ranges.

App Usage

Active Users

Understand how many users are engaged with your online banking.


Easily understand how often your users are coming back.

Users by Platform

Distinguish which platform your users are using.

Logins by the Time of Day

See when users are accessing your online banking solution the most.

First-Time Users

Understand the reach of your marketing campaigns by viewing first-time viewers.


View in near real time any rate limiting occurring. While this chart is helpful during initial implementations, its primary purpose is to allow you to monitor credential stuffing activity. If the chart says “there is no data” then that means no users are getting blocked.

Enrollment Attempts

Keep track of all the enrollment attempts and those users that made it through the enrollment process.

Bill Pay

Active Bill Pay Users

Know who your most engaged bill pay users are.

Total Money Moved

Quickly review all money moved through bill pay.

Average Payment Amount

Recognize the average payment amounts amongst your users.


Active Transfer Users

See data about who your most engaged transfer users are.

Average Amount Per User

Understand who is utilizing transfers the most.

Average Transfer Amount

Understand at a glance your institution’s transfer average amongst your users.

User-Provided Memo Text

Allow your users to enter memo notes on immediate transfers.

Average Amount Per Day

View and understand the amount of transfer traffic utilized in one day.

Most Popular External Institutions

Insights into what accounts your users are utilizing most.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Active RDC Users

See data about who your most RDC users are.

Average Deposit Amount

Understand at a glance your institution’s average deposit amount amongst your users.

Percentage of Users Enrolled

Understand how many of your users utilize RDC throughout your financial institution.

Average Amount Per Day

View and understand the amount and volume deposited in one day.

Rejected Users

See a list of rejected users and enable them if needed.

Average Amount Per User

See the average amount each user transfers from your financial institution.


Potentially Compromised Users

View report that will indicate a user where a credential stuffing attacker may have correctly guessed the user’s password. 2FA is still in effect, but the account may warrant some special attention.

New Users with Unverified 2FA Information

View report of users who are enrolled in 2FA, but used a phone number that is not on their core record. This allows you to keep core validation turned off, but still manage the risk by reviewing these users manually.



to

Easily access the Banno Digital Platform from anywhere, right on our website.

Two-Factor Authentication

Help protect your account from unauthorized access by requiring to enter an additional code when they sign in.

Employee Management

Manage Permissions for Groups

Groups are the categories you use to determine which employees have access to features, applications and various permissions inside Banno.

Invite Employees By Email

Easily give employees access to Banno by sending them an email invite.



Add and Edit Images

Place images on your site and edit them to fit exactly where you need.

Create, Move, and Clone Pages

Keep control of the content on your site and add or move pages whenever and wherever you need to.

Add or Remove Links

Hyperlink your text and images so getting around your site is easy and convenient for your users.

Activate, Deactivate Pages

Ability to place Banno Marketing ads for all users and targeted segments of users within Banno Online.

Ad Creation

Ability to place Banno Marketing ads for all users and targeted segments of users within Banno Online.

Hide Pages

Hide pages from search engines.

Site Templates

Develop and edit your websites templates.

Asset Manager

Upload assets to use on your website and apply labels to make them easy to find later.

Scheduled Publishing

Make changes to your site even if you aren’t ready to publish them and schedule the changes to go live at a later date.

Audit Trail

View the changes made to your website and see who is making them.

Insert and Edit Tables

Use our table editor to manage the tables on your website.

Integrate ATM and Branch Locations

With our interactive maps you can make sure your users can find where you are and where they can access their money with your ATMs.

What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) Editor

Our WYSIWYG editor makes it easy for anyone to update your website.

Redirect Management

Create, edit, and delete redirects to get your users to the right location.

Treasury Management and Dynamic Rates

Keep your rates up to date in one place in our CMS and use our dynamic links to put them on your site in multiple places that will update automatically whenever your rates change.

Retrieve, Manage, And Export Forms

Keep track of the forms you collect from your website and archive them when you’re done. You can also export them to a PDF, Excel or CSV file.

Publishing Approvals

Allow certain users to be able to edit your content and require others to approve the changes before changes go live.



Ad Stats

Review the performance of all your ads to see what’s working and hide the ads that are not.


Keep your ads organized in campaigns for an additional layer of statistics and categorization.

Ad Tags

Using tags with your ads will control where they automatically get placed into your content.


Create your own custom reports and export them to a CSV file.


Know the success of your ads with stats like goal pageviews, first-time visitors, returning visitors, click-through rate and best performing ads.

Online Banking Username Association

Once a user logs into your online banking site we'll associate that username with their browsing habits so you can have a better understanding of who they are and what products they're interested in.

Audience Overview

Know if you users are visiting your website from desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Ads in Banno Mobile and Online

Ads built in Banno Marketing℠ are available for Banno Online™️ and Banno Mobile™️. Users can utilize the ad builder to create, target, and track responses to ad campaigns for all of a financial institution's digital users.

Ads Library

Users can now pick ready-to-go, beautifully designed ads from a curated library that promote a variety of products and services they may offer. This is offered to Banno Marketing users at a no-cost option.



Broken Assets

Make sure your site doesn’t have any missing assets like images, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Email Notifications

Get alerts when Monitor finds a problem with your site and receive reports as often as you’d like.

Broken Links

Know that every link on your site will successfully lead your users to where they want to go.

Maintenance Events

If you ever need to make certain changes to your site that would trigger an alert you can schedule a maintenance event to avoid false alarms.

Changes in Content

Monitor will watch over the content on your website to make sure no unauthorized changes have occurred.

Malicious Content

Monitor will watch over your site for malware or links to phishing scams.

Check DNS and SSL

Monitor will make sure you never have expired certificates or unwanted changes to your DNS records or SSL certificates.

Snapshot History

View and browse your website from any point in time that a scan was run in the past.

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