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Advanced Analytics and Reporting New & Noteworthy

Access digital banking analytics about your users to make better informed decisions and target marketing campaigns with Google BigQuery.

Data & Reporting Coming soon

Connect External Accounts

Powered by Finicity, users can link to their third-party financial accounts to view their balances and recent transactions right within the Banno app.

Accounts & Transactions Coming soon

Enterprise Event System (EES) Alerts

Third-party tools can integrate with EES to help mitigate fraud and identify high-risk scenarios, firing alerts when fraud is most likely to occur, such as when a user moves money or connects to a third-party account.

Customization Coming soon

FIDO® Token Support

Enables users to securely authenticate and verify their identity using a physical key that can be plugged into their device, providing a simple one-step authentication method.

Security Coming soon

Segmented Messages

Target a specific group of users with customized marketing and notices, allowing for more tailored messaging and delivering a more efficient, personalized experience.

Conversations & Messages Coming soon

Transaction Enrichment

Users' digital banking apps can automatically categorize transactions and generate more readable names, whether they are for accounts with their financial institution or external accounts.

Accounts & Transactions Coming soon

Unified Identity Service (UIS)

Allows users to have a single set of login credentials across multiple platforms while supporting two-factor authentication (2FA) and additional authenticator products like FIDO tokens and Google Authenticator.

Security Coming soon

View Holds

Users can see holds on previous payments to understand their current and available balances in their accounts.

Accounts & Transactions Coming soon

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